Lieutenant Ayen Karparl
Race: Human
Class: ????
Age: 28
Nationality: Ivory



Ayen was brought up in a very wealthy family. His father was a high-ranking officer and an expert fisherman, but his mother came from the lower class. Ayen is the youngest of his 2 siblings; Leo and Donalbain. After Graduating high school he went into the military academy. Ayen excelled through the ranks quickly and became a lieutenant. There are some rumors that his quick advancement was due to his father's influence. Either way, Ayen is an excellent soldier. 10 years after operation Resistance began he is reassigned from the home front to Timon to work with them. He has been highly trained for this mission, including a basic understanding of computers, machines, and aircraft. Both of his parents are deceased and he carries the family name with dignity and pride.