Basic Operations Manual
Here you will find General Information about how to play the game.

Basic Controls
The 6 keys used in this game are the 4 arrow keys, enter, and escape. Use the arrow keys to walk around and navigate menus. Pressing escape will bring up the Menu where you can choose Main Menu, Skills, Reform Group, and Exit Game. More on this later. The Escape key can also be used to cancel out of a menu. Press enter to inspect the area around you it can also be used to talk to NPC's and choose options in a menu. Some other keys have the same function as enter and escape, the most notable ones are the Spacebar (enter), Z (enter) and X (Escape).

You can also use F4 or Alt+Enter to switch between windowed and full screen. In windowed mode you can press F5 to use a smaller or larger screen. F12 will bring you back to the title screen and Alt+F4 will close the game at any time.

Saving your Game
There are 3 different ways to save your game:
- Rest at an Inn or hotel
- Save Points (Access the main menu and choose save)
- Saving on the World Map (Access the main menu and choose save)

Every 20 seconds your character will flash and regenerate 2HP and 1EP. There are some items and skills that can improve this ability.

The Menu
Pressing escape will access the menu; sometimes it is disabled during cut scenes. From here you will have 4 options.
-Main Menu: This menu has 5 more options that involve maintaining your characters and saving the game.
--- Item: Use or view items from your inventory
--- Ability: Use or view a special ability
--- Equipment: Change equipment and view statistics
--- Save: Save your game, this is only usable on the world map or on a save point
--- End Game: Exits to the title screen
-Skills: Access the skills menu
-Reform Group: This allows you to change your party formation.
-Exit Game: Exit to the title screen

In many areas you will get into random battles by walking around. Once you have entered the fight there are 3 options available.
-Fight: Make your characters perform certain actions
---Attack: Attack with equipped weapon
---Guard: Defend against physical attacks
---Special: Use an ability
---Item: Use an item
-AutoBattle: The computer decides what your characters will do.
-Escape: Attempt to run away from the fight, if successful the battle will end but you will not receive any XP, AP, or Gelda
If all of your characters die its game over and you have to start over from the last time you saved your game. If you win you will be awarded Experience points, Ability points, and Gelda (money).

Character Statistics
There are many statistics that determine your performance in battle they are:
- Health Points (HP): This is how much life you have. If your HP goes to zero you will become wounded and unable to fight unless revived. If all characters are wounded its game over.
- Ether Points (EP): Certain abilities cost EP. Once you run out you will not be able to use those abilities until you restore it.
- Level (LV): Each level requires a certain amount of experience points. When you increase your level your statistics increase and you may also learn new abilities.
- Experience Points (XP): The number on the left is your current amount of experience points. The number on right is how many you need to get to the next level. You earn XP by winning battles.
- Attack Power (Attk): Directly affects the amount of damage you do with physical attacks.
- Armor Class (AC): Directly affects how much damage you receive from physical attacks.
- Ether (ETH): Affects how much damage you cause by using magical abilities. Also affects how much damage you receive from them.
- Dexterity (DEX): The person with the highest dexterity is likely to go first in battle. Dexterity also affects your chances of landing a hit and your chances of running away.
- Ability Points (AP): These can be used to learn certain abilities from the skills menu. Everytime you win a battle you will recieve some AP.

Services (Shops, Inns, Churches)
Many people offer special services for Gelda, the common currency around the world.
You will come across many different shops and merchants they allow you to buy and sell items. If you try to sell an item, merchants will only give you half the value of the item. Merchants sell General Goods, Tools, Spell Scrolls, Weapons, and Armor.
Resting at an inn usually costs a small fee, after resting your party will be fully restored; you are also given the option to save your game. Some abilities are only restored after resting.
Later in the game there will be enemies that can drain experience points. If this happens your characters face icon in the menu will turn gray. You can visit a church and ask the priest to cast Greater Restoration on you for a price. This will bring back lost experience and levels.

Equipping powerful weapons and armor makes you deadlier in combat. Some enchanted pieces of equipment grant you special abilities or protections. Some heavier weapons can weigh you down, lowering dexterity. There are many different kinds of weapons, in the beginning of their description you will see a 1H or a 2H. When using a 2H weapon you may not use a shield. There are also 4 different kinds of damage they can cause (Slashing, Blunt, Piercing, Missile); some enemies are weak against these types. Their respected letter is found right after the 1H or 2H.
There are many different kinds of weapons:
-Dagger (Piercing): Small and very quick, daggers usually do a smaller amount of damage but they do increase your dexterity.
-Sword (Slashing): Swords offer a balance in power, durability, and weight. Some swords are 2handed and can be very powerful but heavy.
-Mace (Blunt): Blunted weapons that can cause a lot of damage. They are the preferred weapons of clerics.
-Stave (Blunt): These are 2-handed weapons. Some of them are specifically designed for combat, while others have been enchanted and increase Ether power. Staves are usually weaker the other 2-handed weapons but they provide better Armor Class.
-Axe (Slashing): Powerful, slow, and deadly, some axes are 1 handed, others are 2 handed.
-Lance (Piercing): Although not as powerful as most 2 handed weapons, they are quicker.
-Halberd (Slashing): A large bladed staff. Halberd's are some of the most powerful 2-handed weapons.
-Wakizaishi (Slashing): Preferred weapon of the ninja. These swords are quick and light, perfect for a stealthy assassination.
-Katana (Slashing): Good Katana's are very rare and powerful. Not only do they require great skill to make, but also great skill to wield properly. Only fighters and Samurai can use them.
-Gun (Missile): Newest technology in weaponry. Some of them are small and others are big and devastating. Guns are very accurate and can do a good ammount of damge. Some guns hit the enemy twice. The only downside is that you cannot parry an attack with a gun. Equiping a gun gives a -1 penalty to ac.
-Relic (????): These kinds of weapons are said to come from an ancient civilization. Many of them are too advanced to be reproduced. Relics can be extremely powerful.

Armor increases your defensive capabilities. Some pieces also grant special immunities and protections. There are 4 types of armor.
-Shield: Shields are useful for added protection in battle. you cannot use one if you have a 2 handed weapon equipped. Some characters use a weapon in each hand and they cannot use shields either.
-Body Armor: Protection for the main parts of the body. There are 3 different kinds of Body Armor.
---Robes: Lightest piece of armor. These are favored by mages because robes allow them to move easily and cast their seplls. Some robes have magical properties.
---Leather: Provides decent protection and is still lightweight, favored by rogues.
---Chain and Plate mail: Armor made of metal links and plate metal. Heaviest and provides the highest protection.
-Headgear: protection for the head, there are 2 kinds:
---Hats: lightweight but offers smaller amounts of protection
---Helmets: Protects most areas of the head and face. Ideal for fighters
-Other: Each character can wear one accessory. They can do anything from raising your stats to granting special abilities and immunities.

Conversing with NPC's
NPC stands for Non-player character. There are people everywhere and some of them may have important information. Talk to everyone you meet.