Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use your resources?
A: Go ahead and use whatever you want.

Q: There is nowhere to save in the demo!
A: Try resting at the Inn

Q: What classes are recommended for a beginner?
A: Any of the Melee types are good for the beginning, however some of the other classes will become very strong later on.

Q: I got an error message, ______ file was missing, and/or there is a wall I can't pass
A: Make sure your using the newest version, if there is still an error let me know and I'll upload a fixed version and send you the fixed/missing file or files
Q: Is there an Episode 1 or 2?
A: No. The plan was to do those after Episode 3.

Q: What is the future of HH3?
A: I have retired from rm2k so this demo will not be continued. HH3 will reapear later on in some other form probably but that will not be for a long time so don't count on it.