The Mage Spell book

Mage Book
This tutorial is also in the game

Navigating the Spell book

There are 10 levels of magick, each page displays 2 levels of spells. Use the arrow keys to move the pointer. To turn the page move to one of the arrows on the left or right side of the book and press enter. The left arrow goes back a page and the right arrow goes forward. To exit the spell book move the cursor over the word Done and press enter.

Acquiring/Scribing Spells

Mages and Shadow Knights must use spell scrolls to use magick. They can be found hidden in treasure boxes or sold at shops. Once you find one you can use it in the main menu on any character that is a mage or Shadow Knight. The spell icon will then appear in this book, if it has a border around it that means you can memorize it, if not then your level is not high enough to use it yet. Each spell has a level (1-10) and you can find it by cycling through the pages. To find out information on each spell, move the cursor over its icon and press escape. Pressing enter on a spell icon will memorize the spell, providing you have an open memory slot, more information on this in the next section.


Memorized spells can be used in the menu and in battle. To memorize a spell press enter when your cursor is over its icon. If you have an open memory slot it will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can only memorize a certain number of spells, this amount goes up as your characters level increases. You must also be a certain level to memorize the more powerful spells. Each spell you have memorized will appear your skills menu under the main menu and will be usable in battle. If you want to memorize a spell and all of your slots are full press enter on one of the memory slots on the bottom of the screen to forget that spell.