Introduction to Piedism
Piedism is the most dominant religion in the entire world. It is estimated that 90% of the world follows this religion. It is about 2 opposing gods; Jesus Abel and Lucifer.  They represent the light and the dark, the yin and the yang, the superego and the id. Emperor Sirran has outlawed the practice of Piedism in Timon.

Common Practice
Most followers attend church ceremonies once or twice a week. Priests tell stories from the Holy Book and practice white magick on the sick. Some masses also have a choir that sings with the help of everyone. Piedists are encouraged to live a good life away from sin unless they wish to suffer dire consequences in the after life. It is said that once you die your soul will go to heaven if you have lived a good life and to hell if you have not.


The Ankh
The Ankh is the symbol of Piedism. It represents purity, life, and complete devotion to god.


The Prophecy of Abel
The Prophecy of Abel is the story of the creation of the world and what will happen to the world in the future.

The Holy Book of Piedism: Old testament

Chapter 1: Genesis

In the beginning there was nothing but the 2 gods, Jesus Abel and Lucifer. Abel wanted to create. In 10 days and 10 nights he created the sun moon and stars. He created the world we live in. He added plants and animals to his new world to sustain the balance of life. God wanted to create a being to govern this world he made. He decided this creature should be strong and powerful. God took the soil of the earth of make his flesh, the seas of the ocean to make his blood, and the air from the heavens above to make his soul. God first created the Dwarf. These creatures were short and powerful but they lacked the wisdom of god. He tried a second time and created the Elf. This creature was very intelligent and wise but they lacked the strength of god. Finally god took the best elements from these two races and created the human in his image. He was pleased with his creation and said, “When this creature dies he shall be born alongside me in paradise.” God was very pleased with his work and departed back to the heavens to watch.

Chapter 2: Sin

Jesus Abel had a brother named Lucifer. Lucifer became very jealous of his brothers creation and wanted to control it for himself. He corrupted Abel’s world and created Pain, Suffering, and Sin. Lucifer was not satisfied, he massed an army of evil followers and tried to kill god. Abel was wise to his brother’s plan. Abel defeated Lucifer in combat and told him “You are a fool, but you are my brother and I am not angry with you.” Abel cast Lucifer down into his own world of hate and pain. Abel declared “All beings who chose to live a life of sin be resurrected to live in pain and suffering with my brother but those who chose to live a life of purity and cleanliness will be resurrected to live with me in Paradise.” Lucifer was very jealous and angry with his brother. He came back to the world and warped many different plants and animals into his own demonic abominations. God saw this and decided to intervene in his world once more.

Chapter 3: The 8 wisemen and the chosen one

God searched the plains, the forest, and the ocean to find 8 worthy people. He gathered them together and granted them immortality. He commissioned them to watch over mankind, preach the will of god, and protect them from evil. God then created a prophecy. “Every time Lucifer tries to spread his evil across the world one man will be imbued with my divine essence. This man will have all the power and command to slay Lucifer and his abominations. God left his world for the last time

Chapter 4: Apocalypse

God knew mankind could not fight off the power of sin forever. “One day in the far future mankind will be overtaken by the powers of evil. They will create monstrosities that bring sin onto the world. On this day I will appear and save everyone from impurity and evil.”


Chapter 5:The New Testament

In the year 900, one of the 8 wisemen started to question god. He grew detached from god and started his own cult of followers. He allied himself with Lucifer and tried to spread his evil ways across the world. On this day the chosen one, the Sanctus Veritas, was born. With the aid of the 7 remaining wisemen, he as able to slay the traitorous wiseman and imprison Lucifer in his realm. The chosen one and the 7 remaining wisemen summoned all of their energy to close the gate of hell forever. After the battle they all disappeared.



The Seven Deadly Sins
These are the 7 deadliest sins that are said be created by Lucifer.

Avarice (Greed)


Gluttony (Over Indulgence)



Sloth (Laziness)

Wrath (Anger)