The Priest Scrolls

This tutorial is also in the game

Navigating the Scrolls
There are 7 levels of Priest Magick. You can use the arrow keys to move the pointer. To turn the page, move the cursor over to one of the arrows on the right and left side of the screen then press enter. The left arrow goes back a page and the right arrow goes forward. Press Escape over a Spell Icon to see its description. To exit the Scrolls move the cursor over the word "Done"

Acquiring and Memorizing Spells
Priest Classes acquire spells as they increase their level. Each spell has a level (1-7) and you can find it by cycling through the pages. To find out information on each spell, move the cursor over its icon and press escape. Pressing enter on a spell icon will memorize the spell, providing you have an open memory slot. Once a spell is memorized you can use it from the main menu or in battle. If you wish to unmemorize a spell press enter over the memory slot you want to clear, then you can put a different spell there.