People of the World

Average Lifespan: 80-100 years

Humans are the most prevalent race around the world. Most humans generally feel they are superior because of the teachings in the Holy Book of Piedism, which states that god made humans by combining the best qualities of the elves and dwarves. Humans control the most powerful nations of the world and use the newest technology to maintain their superiority. Throughout history some humans have oppressed the other races, even other races of humans. Racial Tensions have started to fade somewhat since the past. Slavery of other races is illegal in most countries.
There are many different kinds of humans in the world; Ivorian, Dirkish, Shazradian, Eastlander, and Oriental

Average Lifespan: 95-120 years

Elves are very similar to humans in some respects. Physically, Elves are skinny and frail compared to humans. They also have pointed ears, which is a dead give away. On average elves are more intelligent then humans but they are physically weaker. The Holy Book of Piedism says that Elves were the second race created by god. Most of the elves in the world live in the city of Nazareth on the Northern continent. They try to stay away from human wars and politics. A great number of Elves also live in Rafad, which is a small nation in the Desert of Moving Sands. Generally Elves are peaceful and spiritual.
There is another type of Elf that is the exact opposite. They are known as the Drow, or Dark Elf. Throughout history they have been known to be very aggressive and power hungry. The Drow mostly live in caves and tunnels on Mount Venalis. The Drow are a matriarchal society, the “Matron Mother” as they call it rules with an iron fist. Her word is the law and anyone who disobeys may be sacrificed or used as a slave. Be very careful when dealing with the Drow.


Average Lifespan: 60-82years

The average dwarf is much stronger then the human but less intelligent. Dwarves are also much shorter then humans. It would be very rare to find a dwarf over 4 feet tall. They also take pride in their long flowing beards which they never shave. The Dwarf is a rare breed these days. Slavery, Genocide, and overall oppression in the ancient past has them nearly extinct. The Book of Piedism says that dwarves are the first race created by god and they are the weakest. The Dwarves that are left live with pride and hope to keep their people strong. There are a few clans of Dwarves in Mount Venalis. The rest of them are usually found living alongside humans.