The Skills Menu

This tutorial is also in the game

How to use the Menu
The First thing highlighted is your characters name, you are in character mode. To cycle through all of your characters, use the left and right arrow keys. To spend AP on skills for that character press enter and to leave the menu press Escape. After Pressing Enter you are given a choice between Class skills and Support Skills. Up and Down cycle between the Class and Support Skill, Press Enter to Learn an Ability, Press Escape to go back to character mode. Pressing Left or Right will provide you with a description of what you have highlighted. Now you may select the Ability you wish to learn, use the up and down arrows to cycle through the skills listed, left and right will provide a description of the skill. If you have the required level and amount of AP to learn a skill pressing Enter will allow you to spend AP on a skill. As always, Escape will return you to the previous menu.

About AP
AP is gained after winning a Battle. In the upper right corner your current AP and Total AP Values are displayed. When you choose to learn a skill your current AP will go down but the total will always remain the same. Next to each skill is a number, this is the amount of AP that skill costs. If this number is flashing you may learn it, but some skills also require you to be a certain level.

Different Skills
The 2 kinds of skills are Class and Support. Different Classes have a variety of skills, some can be used in the field or in battle, while others give special bonuses that are given to you as soon as you learn the skill. Support Abilities give permanent bonuses to your basic Statistics, they can be trained 3 times each.